3 Qualities You Should Look For In An Accountant For Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Beginning in 2017 the State of Florida began granting licenses to companies looking to dispense medical marijuana. And while the marijuana industry is growing across the country (some states even legalizing it for recreational uses) many companies find themselves in a search for the right business partners who can help them grow. One of the most critical partners for any new business is the accountant. Here is a list of important qualities one should look for in an accountant for a medical marijuana dispensary.

1. Experience And Expertise

Medical marijuana may be a new business frontier all across the country, but that doesn’t mean that all accountants will be equally prepared to handle the challenges of working in this new industry. Look for an accountant with many years of experience helping many diverse businesses, and someone who has significant expertise navigating the IRS. This second part is paramount. Even your smartest friend won’t know quite what to expect when encountering the IRS for the first time, so it’s always best to partner with someone who has the experience and the know how to handle any problems that arise.

2. Professionalism

As with any business you partner with it’s important to align yourself with a team of people who will handle your important financial matters with professionalism. Your college roommate, or your brother’s fishing buddy may be interested in joining your team for the novelty of your new marijuana business, but what you need most is a team of professionals who will get their work done in a timely and efficient manner will all of the i’s dotted and all of the t’s crossed.

3. A Great Reputation

Finally, as you look for the accounting firm you want to partner with in your new marijuana endeavor, ask around. Find someone who is respected in your community and who has experience working in the kind of business you have now, as well as the kind you want to have in ten years. There’s no better way to determine how your business will be handled by and accounting firm than to find out how they treat others.

No matter what new business you start, it’s always best to do it with an experienced and professional accounting firm by your side. But that is all the more important when your new business is part of a brand new industry. If you’re looking for an accounting firm to partner with you as you build your medical marijuana dispensary, contact us today.