Go Digital With Your Payroll

Payroll: the monthly or biweekly job that keeps on coming. As a business owner you know how much work it can take to manage payroll. And, even if only have a couple of employees it can take up more of your time than you’d prefer. You have to stay on top of their hours and all the legal paperwork that goes along with having employees, and after a while all you look down and realize you’re spending a lot of precious time on this single task. So, how can you lighten the load and spend less time managing your payroll? At Fix-It Accounting we invest in a digital payroll service called SurePayroll (no this is not an ad). Here are some benefits you can expect from going digital with your payroll.

Cut Down On Administrative Time

If it’s not you managing your payroll it means you’ve delegated the work to another member of your team. And while I celebrate the wisdom in that decision, I remind you that the job is still eating up someone’s valuable time. By investing in a payroll software you will cut back on the hours spent poring over ledgers and paper documents and you will see your administrative team return to the important work of growing your business.

Streamline Processes

Chances are as your business grows, your team will too. And passing on the payroll duties from person to person doesn’t need to be that complicated. When using a payroll software you know that the process is being completed the same way, every time regardless of who is responsible for getting it done. Plus, an excellent service (like the one we use) will make the whole process easy and painless while also offering added services like making sure that payroll taxes are paid, managing multiple pay rates, and even splitting a single paycheck into multiple accounts.

Take Your Business Paperless

Paperless business is the wave of the future. It has great benefits for your business while also providing your customers with the ease and convenience that has become second nature to them. Since you’ve gone so far as to implement paperless systems to serve your customers, why not do the same for your employees? By using a digital payroll service your employees can avoid the hassle of depositing a check each month. They just wake up one morning to their next month’s income sitting in the bank! It’s that simple.

If you want your business to grow, you have to be committed to improving the processes that keep you afloat. The less time you and your team spend on administrative tasks like payroll, the more time you’re focused on building your business into something great. Do some research and find the payroll service that will help take your company to the next level. And if you need help as you grow, call us to learn more about our bookkeeping, accounting, and Virtual CFO services.