Finding an IRS resolution for your unfiled tax returns


Every year Americans across the country experience hardships that make it difficult or impossible for them to file their tax returns. Divorce and illness are two of the common reasons that people find themselves in this position. It can be stressful and you may feel embarrassed, we understand. But, we recommend you make plans to resolve these issues as soon as you can. Here is a list of the steps Fix It Accounting will take to resolve your unfiled tax issues and reach an IRS resolution quickly:

Contact the IRS

First, it’s important to be in contact with the IRS so that we can get started on resolving your delinquency. Unfortunately getting through to the IRS can be very difficult. If you’ve ever been hung up on (or what they refer to as a “courtesy disconnect”) you’re in the good company of millions of callers every year. And once you do get through you may find that your representative hasn’t been properly trained to understand the complexities of your situation. This is one of many reasons it helps to hire a professional service to assist you. At Fix it Accounting we know your rights and we believe that our perseverance is the key to your success. Once we’ve made contact with the IRS they will assign us a deadline for submission.

Prepare and file returns

Often this stage of the process is quite complicated. You may not have the pertinent information to file back returns, but never fear, our professional IRS resolutions specialists will (in most cases) be able to recreate your important documents using bank statements and IRS income transcripts. It’s our job to compile complete and orderly tax returns for you so you don’t have to worry.

Begin IRS resolution process

Once your returns have been filed and processed your tax debt will be assessed and we can begin with the actual resolution process. This is an excellent position to be in because when you are in resolution you no longer have to worry about IRS levies or seizures. It is our job to relieve your concerns and save you the most money possible during this resolution process.

We know how scary it can be to find yourself in this position with the IRS. But, we are committed to resolving your tax issues quickly and efficiently. We cannot stress enough the importance of dealing with your unfiled tax returns as soon as possible. Bring your tax issues to Fix It Accounting’s IRS resolution specialists as soon as possible so you can get your tax problems addressed and yourself on the way to resolution. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Have you filed all of your tax returns?

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