Finding The Bookkeeper Your Company Needs

We’ve talked before about the mistake that many business owners make right out of the gate: hiring an inexperienced family member to keep the books. It’s an understandable mistake because your instincts tell you to hire someone you can trust with that important, private information and the first person you think of is your mom, or your sister-in-law who was very good at math in high school and could use some part time work. We understand the temptation, but here are some tips to help you find the bookkeeper that your company actually needs.

Relevant Experience

FIrst and foremost, math skill and attention to detail are not the only skills that your bookkeeper needs to have. Keeping your books is as much about understanding the laws, helping you stay out of financial trouble as it is about counting dollars. Find a bookkeeper who has experience working for another small business and can provide references. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to take a deep breath and relax knowing that your business's finances are in order.

Aligned With Your Values

If you feel passionately about saving your money and staying out of debt, or on the other hand you believe in taking big financial risks to grow your business, your bookkeeper should absolutely be on the same page as you. How you manage your money says as much about your values system as it does about your business strategy. But your values are much more than just your feelings about money, they also shape your customer service philosophy. Make sure you hire someone who is motivated by the same values you are.

Team Player

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy creating your company’s culture, and your bookkeeper is an important part of that. Often your team dynamics are a direct result of your personal leadership style. So, not only do you need someone who can work as part of a team, but someone who can work successfully as part of your team. 

All of this said, hiring a full time bookkeeper with experience is expensive. We highly recommend to our clients that they look into investing in a bookkeeping service. In fact, we built our own bookkeeping service to help provide excellent bookkeeping at a reasonable price for our clients who mean so much to us. 

If finding a great bookkeeper is on the top of your list of priorities, give us a call. We’d love to introduce you to our team of bookkeepers who can help manage your bookkeeping while also giving you the tools to manage some of it yourself. At Fix-It Accounting, our goal is to provide a hands-on, high-quality service to all of our clients, check out our website to learn more.