The Mom Boss Guide To Dominating Back-To-School


You’re a mom. You’re a boss. You’re the Mom Boss. With the rise of direct sales businesses like LulaRoe and Herbalife, as well as an increase in female-owned businesses, there are more and more moms taking the first steps on their entrepreneurial journey. They are attempting to balance family, health, and business at a whole new level. Being a Mom Boss is hard and often under-appreciated. For most moms, the increase in your business does not mean you get to drop any of your at-home duties. So now that your kids are back in school, back to reality, and back to all of their extracurricular, it's important to learn a few new tips to make the transition more manageable.

Re-establish Your Routine

One of the hardest things about heading back to school is trying to reestablish your routine. It’s only natural to loosen the reins a bit during the summer. Your kids stay up a little later and sleep in more often. More snack foods are consumed and making their beds doesn't seem like a big priority, after all. But once school rolls back around, getting your kids back into a routine is an absolute lifesaver. Sit down as a family and remind your kids what the expectations are during the school year. When your kids plan ahead to pack their lunch or wash their clothes, you don’t end up sacrificing critical hours in your workday driving to school at noon to drop off a PB&J. As a Mom Boss, the more support you get from your family, the more productive you’ll be.

Take Time For Yourself

This may be counterintuitive to you. You’re working hard to be all things to all people. You're balancing family needs and work needs, how are you supposed to sacrifice a single minute of your time? But the reality is, you can only go so long putting others ahead of yourself before you start becoming less productive. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at a spa in order to be your best self, but it does mean that you should do your best to sleep well, eat well, drink plenty of water and get regular exercise.

Be Vulnerable With Your Family

Mom bosses are impressive people who manage to juggle career and family while staying motivated and inspired to continue pressing forward in their business. And at their very best, Mom Bosses are inspiring to their families and friends and all who come to know them. They’re inspiring because of their ability to overcome hardship and stay positive, but if they keep their failures a secret the world around them never gets to reap the benefits of their experiences. Don’t be afraid to share your failures with your children, they learn from your example as they go forth doing hard things and overcoming obstacles in their education.

Mom Boss, you are doing a great job. Forget the notion of perfection, give up on achieving that perfect balance you are looking for and dive right into this exciting life you’re building for yourself. As you settle into this next school year keep working hard toward your goals, and remember to cut yourself some slack. Your children are watching and learning from you all the time.

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