What to expect when Working with a Business Advisor vs. Number Cruncher

Business Advisor

Business Advisor

So, you’ve made the decision to hire an accounting and bookkeeping service to help you better manage the finances of your business. Congratulations! This is a big step and an investment that will make you more money and help you grow your business. But how do you know if you’re getting the service that you deserve? Unfortunately there are a lot of people out in the industry who can crunch numbers but who don’t have the professional and entrepreneurial expertise to give you sound business advice about the decisions that you’re thinking through right now. If you’re ready to hire an accountant do some research and make sure you’re hiring a trusted business advisor and partner, not just a number cruncher.

Business advice from a peer

If your accounting firm can’t give you top quality advice based upon years of experience in business, then you’ve hired a number cruncher. Now, don’t get us wrong, there is a place in this world for these professionals. Plenty of businesses are simply not looking to partner with a full-service accounting firm. But we know that most of our clients looking for something more. At Fix It Accounting we provide a listening ear and sound advice from professionals who have first hand experience in the trials and errors of running a business. You can trust that we understand exactly what you’re going through - we’ve been there ourselves.

Critical feedback

In addition to getting meaningful business advice from a peer, as a business owner you need a safe place to receive critical feedback. In some companies, employees may not ask the critical questions that balance out the owners thoughts and ideas, and in this case you need an accountant to can serve as a trusted advisor and challenge any ideas that aren’t financially wise.

An encouraging support system

Being the boss in your own business is sometimes a very isolated and insulated position. You’re so focused on the path ahead that you may not be able to pick your head up and enjoy the view around you. When things feel tough and work is insane, it is important to have a professional support system that knows the ups and downs of your business and is there to celebrate with you when you succeed and share encouraging words during your failures. Who better to serve in this role than your accountant and trusted advisor, the person who knows the most about your business’ finances and has been with you through it all. As a small business owner you are juggling a lot to keep your business productive and thriving. You have someone crunching your numbers, but you do have a trusted business advisor who can help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey? At Fix It Accounting we are far more than your average accounting firm. We take great pride in providing good advice and great service to all of our clients so that they can go forth to pursue their dreams. Are you looking for more from your accounting and bookkeeping firm? Contact us today to learn more about becoming a partner with us.

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