Business Development Accountant

This is a unique opportunity for the accounting professional that also wants to be their own boss. If that sounds like you, read more to find out if you’re right for this role.

Job Description


The entrepreneurial spirit. This is not something you can acquire. You either have it or you don’t. Entrepreneurs tend to be self-motivated and don’t need to be told what to do. They’re not always looking for the “safe” paycheck but are willing to put themselves on the line to get what they want. They are open to guidance, but if none is available, they figure out the best way to handle a situation and go do it with the best of intentions. This is the entrepreneurial spirit! On top of this intangible “spirit”, some very concrete skills are required:

  • Good people skills! Working with clients. Forming relationships. Understanding their issues and responding with solutions.

  • Financial statement preparation. The candidate must be able to easily read and understand financial statements. They must be able to know how to produce accurate information that can be used to help the client make business decisions and prepare their tax returns. We use QuickBooks software and proficiency is required.

  • Tax return preparation for Corporate and Individual (federal and state) returns and review of returns prepared by staff members. We use ProSeries Software.

Key Responsibilities

  • Client care is of the utmost importance at Fix-it Accounting. Each team member is expected to represent the brand and the expertise behind it. We work hard to provide long lasting peace of mind to our clients. Each contact with a client should be positive, reassuring and make them feel part of a community that is looking out for their best interests. The biggest thing we sell is “peace of mind”.

  • Networking Community outreach through Chamber groups, business groups, service organizations and cold calling on businesses. You must have the confidence and willingness to get out there.

  • Be an enthusiastic mentee The right person for this position will be mentored into their role as leader of a Fix-It Accounting facility.


An accounting degree or MBA is preferred.


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