Delegation Is The Key To Staying Ahead Of The Year End Scramble

It’s that time again. We’ve made it to the last quarter of the year and before you know it we’ll be counting down for the ball drop. There are lots of things you want to get done for your business before the end of the year, but it doesn’t have to be a frantic mess. The key to keeping your calm and making it through the fourth quarter is one word: delegation.

Delegation is one of the most important leadership skills, and one of the hardest to learn. We know the story well, your business is your baby and you know better than anyone how it should run. But the truth is, if you want it to grow, you literally cannot be in charge of everything at once. Delegating responsibilities to members of your team may be difficult at first, so here’s a list of how to clear your plate by sharing the workload.

Determine Your Personal Duties

As the boss of your business there are certain responsibilities that can only fall on you. So the first place to start in learning to delegate work in the office is to identify what absolutely is your job. Once you have identified that, you can hold that list up against all of your daily tasks. Is there someone else who can be making that spreadsheet to open you up to manage higher level issues? Delegate!

Train Now For The Coming Year

You’ve made it nearly all the way through the year taking on unnecessary tasks. Now isn’t the right time to dump all of the end-of-the-year duties on to someone else. That may cause more chaos in your business than you can handle. This is, however, a great time to begin training someone else to manage your duties next year. Be sure that you take note of all of the tasks you instinctively do so that you can delegate them next year.

Let Go Of Control

The hardest part of delegation is letting go. The next person to take on these tasks may just do it in an entirely new way. That’s ok. The reason you’re delegating is to take some of the minutia off your plate so you can focus on your future growth. Don’t get into the weeds on unnecessary details. Delegate a task, then step back and allow your talented team members do their best work.

As you wrap up the end of the calendar year, bear in mind some of the ways in which you can delegate menial tasks to your team members and focus more on your big vision for the future of your company. And if accounting and bookkeeping are on your list of tasks to delegate, give us a call. We’d love to share more about how we assist other company leaders take a load off with our in-house services.

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