The Upside To Being The Woman In Charge

Upside to a Woman in Charge.jpeg

Going back as far as I can remember, men have held leadership roles in business, government, and even in the home. As a woman you may even have been raised to believe that the men around you were better equipped to lead than. What else could you have assumed when that was the reality you experienced in your life, in your community, and in the media? But by now we know that things have changed, and as the world opens up to the idea of female leadership there are some strategic ways that you can use your power as a woman to be an amazing leader.

Be Yourself

I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my life, and am currently leading a happy, successful, and dedicated team of men and women who love their jobs. What more could I ask for? I assure you that we didn’t get to this point because of my tough attitude and no excuses policies. There is a temptation for women in business to donn a suit of armor, ready to go into battle the way our male counterparts would. However, to do that is to deny the valuable contributions that we bring naturally to the table.

Everyone Feels

Our culture tells us that women are weak and emotional and that mean are strong and rational, and whether or not there is validity to that claim,  we were all put here on earth with the same capacity to feel feelings. Unfortunately, generations of men have bought into the lie that power and rage are inextricably linked, and that leadership requires of us a lack of feeling.

With many decades of leadership experience I beg to differ. As women, it is our compassionate hearts and excellent communication skills that help us to build competent and dedicated teams who will stick with us through thick and thin, and who know how to care for each other and themselves. Because compassion is another of the superpowers of women. Our warm and compassionate hearts are one of our greatest weapons, and they make us powerful leaders.

The moral of this story is that you, female leader, bring to the table a set of leadership skills that are invaluable to your team and that only you could possess. I encourage you to hone those skills and practice being the leader you were built to be. Your team and your business deserve nothing less. So, as you move forward and continue to build your business, remember that the most powerful thing you can bring to your work is yourself.

If you have questions about building your female-led business, give me a call today.