3 Ways I Choose To Make A Difference When Mentoring Women In Business


I love being a female business owner, and over the many years that I have run my own businesses I have learned a great deal about entrepreneurship and about myself. Armed with years worth of experience, wisdom, and confidence I take great pride in my roles as a mentor to other business women. Over the years I’ve been mentoring women I have identified 3 tips that help me make the biggest difference in their lives.

Tell The Truth About My Story

My journey to being a business owner has not always been smooth sailing. I have overcome a lot to get to where I am now, and that is something that I share openly and often with the women in business that I have the pleasure of mentoring. Our stories are powerful and telling the truth about ourselves gives the women around us permission to tell their truth too. So next time you find yourself in the position as a mentor, take the opportunity to open up and let the women around you see you as the powerful, hardworking, truth telling, and totally resilient woman that you are.

Ask The Tough Questions

When mentoring women in business we all love to be encouraging cheerleaders, but it’s always important to balance that with a healthy dose of critical questions. The women you are mentoring need to hear your encouragement, and it will feel good to get a pat on the back from time to time, but they also need someone in their lives who is willing to ask the uncomfortable questions. That might be something like “do you think you have time to take on another project?” or “is it possible that that relationship/client/business partner is dragging you down?” If you find yourself in a mentoring relationship with a woman in business, make sure you are both an encourager and a voice of reason and wisdom in her life.

Stay Positive

After many years working in business I have learned one great lesson, things change. One minute you’re feeling top of the world and then the next thing you know, things change. The hard times will come and go and the successful entrepreneur is someone who has learned to be resilient and positive over time. So I exercise this while I’m mentoring women in business. Not only do I encourage them to be positive in their own lives, but I also demonstrate positivity by remaining positive when hard things come up in my life and business.

If you’re been in business for any length of time you’ve learned a lot. That’s just the name of the game. Work hard, learn lessons, repeat. So it makes sense that eventually you would want to pass that wisdom on by mentoring women in your field. I hope you’ll take these tips to heart, but most importantly I hope that you’ll always be yourself. The most powerful influence you can have on other women in business is to live as an example of a woman who is strong, powerful and fully herself in the public eye. If you have more questions about mentorship or would like to talk one-on-one about building your business, contact me today.

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