Quickbooks Comparison: Which Product Is Right For You?

Quickbooks Comparison

Quickbooks Comparison

Quickbooks by Intuit is the leading accounting software for business owners all over the world. Over many years of experience Intuit has honed this technology to meet the varying needs of their users. There are four main Quickbooks products that you could use for your business, so read more below in our Quickbooks comparison and choose the product that works best for you.

Quickbooks Online

At $40 per month, Quickbooks online is the most upfront affordable Quickbooks product and is a great choice for owners of small businesses who need no more than 5 user licences. This product has many of the same functions as the desktop versions but instead of paying upfront the Quickbooks online user pays a monthly fee. This is the product we recommend most to our clients.

Quickbooks Desktop Pro

The Quickbooks Desktop Pro and Premier are great to mid-sized companies and provide some more reporting and sales tools than that online version. These versions also allow 5 logins per company which is more than enough for a small to midsize business. Both versions provide more than 100 built in sales, tax and financial reports, however the Premier version provides industry specific reports.

Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions

Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions is the most expensive of these products and is meant for large companies. This version of the program provides the most bells and whistles and can facilitate up to 30 users per company. If you’re just getting started there is a good chance you will not need to invest in this intensive of a software up front.

This simple Quickbooks comparison is meant to give you a good idea of what each Quickbooks product does and what is the best investment for your business. But we don’t expect you to take this as the final word. As a business owner you deserve to have a team of people behind you to help guide you to the next best financial choice for your business and one simple Quickbooks comparison won’t give you the clarity that you need. For more information about how Fix-It Accounting can join the team that is helping you build a successful business, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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