How To Find The Best Accountant For Your Small Business


There comes a time in every small business owners life where they realize they can no longer keep all of the plates spinning at once. It’s at this point where they begin to seek out professional support to take on some of the tasks they can no longer manage. For most small business owners finding the right accountant is a huge relief. But how do you know if you’re hiring the right person? We think you should look for these qualities in your small business accountant.

Hands on service

You’ve heard of all the big accounting firms in your area and you may be tempted to go big when hiring the right partner for your small business. Unfortunately, with the big firms you may end up falling through the cracks or get passed on to a junior accountant who is just learning the ropes. That kind of thing is fine for companies with plenty of staff to help juggle their accounting and other business, but what your small business needs is hands on service from an accountant who is readily available to help you.

Experience with small business

Find an accountant who has direct experience working for small businesses. And who better to hire than someone who owns and operates their own? Going small isn’t the only answer, but you can rest assured knowing that a small accounting firm will know how to help you navigate through the financial issues that arise in your business.

Entrepreneurial vision

As you set out to grow your company, your accountant should be right there by your side, encouraging you and helping you navigate each new step. No matter who you hire, you should be able to depend on your accountant to think creatively and entrepreneurially the way that you have grown to on your journey. This may be a harder trait to recognize, but don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.

One stop shop

This last point isn’t exactly a requirement, but it sure will help you in the long run. Find an accountant who offers multiple services. For instance, in our firm we offer accounting and tax preparation as well as bookkeeping. Our clients love having to make only one stop to ensure that their money is managed.

You’ve put so much hard work into building your business, make sure the accountant you hire is prepared to put in the same amount of elbow grease to help your business grow. If you want more information about finding the right accountant for you, contact us today.