Representation With The IRS

Range of various blank USA tax forms

Range of various blank USA tax forms

Representation with the IRS

When you are represented by us, the IRS treats you with much more respect. We know what your rights are and how to get around in their system. Knowing who to talk to and what to say gets much better results with the IRS than an individual calling about their own tax issue.

And when you hire us, it shows that you are serious about clearing up your problem. Really, all the IRS wants is for you to be compliant under the law with filing and paying your taxes. They want you to clear up your old issues and come back into the system so they can start collecting from you again.

The IRS representatives will almost never tell you when you have options other than paying the debt. Time and again we’ve seen taxpayers who cannot afford to pay their tax debt being put into payment arrangements that they can’t afford. No one tells them that they can get into a temporary Currently Not Collectible status or a more permanent solution with the Offer in Compromise program.

They don’t want you to know how to reduce your tax bill but we want you to have every remedy available

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